An Invitation To Join In

In sharing this Poetry page with friends and well-wishers my hope is to stimulate a dialogue about poetry.

I invite you to submit, via the Contact page, a favourite published poem which you have read so that we can share it here. It would be greatly appreciated if you'd add a few words on what it is you like about the poem. 

Traces and External Signs

A withdrawal from form
like the lock of hair found sewn
inside your uncle's waistcoat pocket,
the inherited made strange
by its unrelatable colour.

Did you slip the suit on?
And if so did you breathe differently
as if equipped with an aqualung,
ladder or canister of oxygen?

Lavinia Greenlaw

Poem posted on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

We Being Ghosts

So many of my friends are dead, and others wrecked
By various diseases of the intellect
Or failing body.  How am I still upright?
And even I sleep half the day, cough half the night.

How did it come to this?  How else but through
The course of years, and what its workings do
To wood, stone, glass and almost all the metals,
Smouldering already in the fresh rose petals.

Our energy deceived us.  Blessed with the knack
To get things done, we thought to get it back
Each time we lost it, just by taking breath -
And some of us are racing yet as we face death.

Well, good to see you.  Sorry I have to fly.
I'm struggling with a deadline, God knows why,
And ghosts keep interrupting.  Think of me
The way I think of you.  Quite often.  Constantly.

Clive James

Poem posted on Saturday 12th January 2019.

The End of Marriage

Night was and they swayed into it:
a pair of scissors, of sails
turning only into themselves
more other than become.

It is often five o'clock.
Her husband has contracted not
to speak of her and she has forgotten
where to go.  Where does everyone go?

Lavinia Greenlaw

Poem posted on Wednesday 9th January 2019.

The Catch

When I left that house I took a key
to a door I never opened.
It's not the theme that interests me
but the variation.

So much is with me so soon
I lean towards the rest:
the needle's hesitation,
the song caught in the breath.

One day I'll learn to listen
to the city beneath the snow,
the agony in the irony,
the lover as I go.

Lavinia Greenlaw

Poem posted on Saturday 5th January 2019.